A delicious mix of Peruvian Cacao,medicinal mushrooms and some epically powerful plants to boost your wellbeing

The story of the brew...

I slowly created my mushroom brew over the last couple of years. As more and more exciting things were being discovered about mushrooms and the whole world of fungi I felt myself being more and more drawn to them.

At the same time I was also researching around health in menopause and exploring the use of herbs and spices to support the journey.

So the Mushroom Brew is a coming together of many special foods that have been used for centuries by people from around the world to create health.

Rich in cacao it also contains 7 medicinal mushrooms (lions mane, chaga, reishi, cordyceps, shiitake, maitake & tremella), turmeric, ashwagandha, maca, cinnamon and black pepper.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do, please let me know, Leif xx

How to take your Mushroom Brew

I have mine every morning, a bit like an espresso. a heaped tea spoon in hot water. My husband & I sit down with our special cups, and make it together, give it a good stir, a little moment to cheers, and then drink. It’s a nod to ceremony and ritual, a moment of calm in the busyness of the morning.

Alternatively you could might like it more like a hot chocolate. Try it with a little sweetener of your choice and hot milk.

Or add it to smoothies or juice, you can  even sprinkle it over your breakfast.

Best to take everyday.

I like to have mine with breakfast and if I feel like a boost I’ll have another around 4.

Play around see what suits you and how you like it best.

The cocoa does contain a small amount of caffeine so if you’re a sensitive sleeper then don’t take too close to bed time.

  • Jacqueline Wild

    It’s made such a difference to me in just a week! I’ve had more energy and focus - it’s brilliant. I’m recommending it to everyone.

  • Alessendra Ausenda

    Enjoying the Mushroom Brew in these wintry days-thank you Leif Olsen a great concoction

  • Sally Cattran 

    Won’t want to go without my daily mushroom powder! Keep it coming! Xx

  • Emily Nixon

    I totally love your Mushroom Brew. And seem to be smiling and bouncy so thats great.

  • Rachel Swift

    OMG!! I absolutely love the mushroom brew. Just had my first cup, it is sooo good. I think I can actually feel the goodness seeping around my body!! Thank you xx

  • Serena Pengelly

    Since I’ve started taking it I’ve had so much more energy and felt so much more ‘together’. It’s fabulous! Thanks so much for creating it and making it available.

  • Rachel Booth

    This stuff is Gold!

  • Louise Bennetts

    I really enjoy it. A daily dose of love and comfort