Hi , I’m Leif and I’ve been teaching yoga since 1990’s.

I’m lucky enough to have my own yoga studio at my home in
the heart of penzance.

I’m passionate about yoga, women’s health, food, community and nature. I love swimming in the sea and warming up in hot saunas, long walks and wild places. I love to bring all these things together and creating marvellous retreats.

I teach Hatha yoga, usually with an awareness of the seasons, a sense of flow and a focus on breath.  I like my yoga to be pleasurable, kind and strong, incorporating a sense gratitude for my life, body and breath.

I specialise in women’s yoga and have worked with some
wonderful teachers over the years inc Sandra Sabitini, Uma Dinsmore -Tuli, Petra Coveney,  I’m also a Holistic Childbirth Educator and accredited Menopause Yoga Teacher.