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Leif Olsen Yoga

Drop in Women's Yoga - Monday's 6pm-7.30pm

Drop in Women's Yoga - Monday's 6pm-7.30pm

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For hundreds of years yoga was taught in India exclusively by and for men. So although, in the West,  more often than not it is taught by and for women we are practicing yoga that is designed for men.

Women go through many exclusive experiences and our bodies, cycles, hormones, nervous systems, even our bone structure is different so it makes sense that we need a different approach.

I’ve loved going on this journey with my own yoga practice and take real pleasure in passing this on in my classes. Encouraging my students to get to know their own bodies and learn what they need in order to feel mentally physically and emotionally well. 

I also really like to build a sense of community in my classes, so the women get to know each other, feel comfortable and can share and support one another. 

I was so chuffed to get this feedback recently from a student as its exactly what I’m aiming for. Please come along and try for yourself.

Hi Leif, thank you for a wonderful yoga practice last night. It's such a great start to the week and the benefits showed in the quality of my sleep last night. It's such a lovely, supportive group of people and that feeling of community and shared experience feels really special. I noted what you said about the breathing exercise so I've started my day with that and will continue to do so. Thanks for all the work and thought that you put into making your yoga classes so beneficial and FUN! XX

Customer Reviews

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Alessandra Ausenda
Best Monday treat!

Leif’s classes are a joy and I’m getting so much benefit from them particularly during these Winter months! I know I’m going to wake up feeling much better on a Tuesday morning. Leif’s approach to movements connected to the seasons really chimes with me and I‘m looking forward to completing almost a whole year’s cycle.


Leif Monday’s yoga sessions are the best way to start the week. She is professional, communicative, creative, warmth and welcoming yoga teacher. I strongly recommend her.

Fleur Davison-Lapham
Simply the best

Always a pleasure to escape to Leif's classes. The perfect way to nurture mind, body and soul. I leave feeling lighter and peaceful. Couldn't recommend enough 💕

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