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Leif Olsen Yoga

big babies / little toddlers

big babies / little toddlers

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Similar to the pregnancy yoga these classes aim to support you in all ways through this first year of motherhood. Focusing  on regaining strength in the core and pelvic floor and stretching out all the achy bits while also supporting you mentally and emotionally. Also never underestimating the massive benefit of having the support of a group of women on the same journey.

All that said, we’re in a room with 8 babies so it can be complete chaos! It is amazing though how it does usually work out just fine.

I put a big blanket in the middle of the room for the babies and a mobile to keep them calm and entertained while I teach as much yoga as possible to the mums.

We also learn some fun, gentle yoga to do with the babies.

As we progress though the first year, the yoga gets slowly stronger for the mums and more active with the babies as they become sitters and crawlers.

Customer Reviews

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Emma T
Just lovely!

I went to Leif’s prenatal classes and now do her baby class with my little girl. I really look forward to the class each week, largely because a good stretch and some calming breath work is very needed with a little one(!) but also because of the wonderful atmosphere of trust and kindness that Leif has created in these groups of women. Leif’s advice made my approaching due date feel much less daunting, and her approach to gentle post-natal exercise is a valuable reminder not to push yourself too hard. The babies have a lovely time gurgling away together as mums catch up then stretch, and Leif also shows us how to do baby yoga poses - my baby loves it, particularly the inversions!

Seeing our babies go from bumps to little people growing together, and hearing how the other mums are doing is such a special thing, particularly because you really are reminded that you aren’t the only one going through sleepless nights or faltering confidence every now and then. I have met some really treasured friends through the classes and absolutely recommend them xxx

Natasha Shamash
A must for anyone with babies

Leif’s mum and baby yoga class fulfils a need not a want. If provides a taste of the village we need for raising children but so rarely have. Cant recommend it enough. A chance to connect with others and feel at peace knowing you’re in gentle safe hands 😊

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